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At King Tradução, your successful communication is our goal.
Whether you want to take your business to the world or bring the world into your business, we are your bridge to overcome language barriers.


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Whether in contracts, on the internet, in videos or in presentations, your message has to be clear. Our translation and editing services will make your communication successful in several languages, with quality and technical accuracy.


We always assign adequate professionals for each project, according to their area of expertise. We also provide any equipment necessary to ensure a successful event. In addition to simultaneous interpreting, we also provide consecutive, whispered, remote, and escort interpreting.

“Translating and interpreting goes beyond words and sentences: it is about conveying meaning, contexts, stories, ideals. This is our mission at King Tradução: to broaden horizons, interpret cultures, bridge ideas, expand worlds.”




1. How do you calculate quotes?

King Tradução quotes translation services based on the number of words in the original document. From this word count, we calculate the final cost for the translation and the turnaround time for delivery. Submit your documents and we will respond shortly with a cost and deadline estimate.

2. What is the turnaround time for a translation?

The turnaround time depends on several factors, such as the number of words in the original document, formatting, subject matter and complexity of the text.

King Tradução may provide urgent delivery upon payment of an additional rush fee.

3. How can I send my documents for translation?

You can submit your files here. Please send documents in their final version and in an editable format (such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files). We will reply with our quote and estimated turnaround time.

4. Can’t I just use Google Translator?

It depends.

If you want to read a report, interview or article you are interested in just to get the gist of it, Google Translator can be very helpful, as it will allow you to understand the main points.

If you are going to translate marketing materials intended for clients, an instruction manual, or a service level agreement, you need a professional translator. Google Translator is not able to interpret nuance in the text, analyze content or interpret specific technical terms.

5. Some of my friends/employees/relatives are bilingual. Can I ask them to translate my documents?

Being bilingual is necessary to be a translator, but it is not the only requirement. A bilingual individual may speak a second language fluently, but may not have fully mastered written communication or may even ignore certain cultural aspects, which could have a negative effect on the result of the translation.

6. Do you translate technical texts?

Yes. We have translation partners specializing in several fields of knowledge, from medicine and pharmaceuticals to law and engineering. We will analyze your project and assign it to the most appropriate professionals.



1. Simultaneous interpreting? Consecutive interpreting? What is the difference?

Simultaneous interpreting allows smooth, continuous communication between the speaker and the audience. In this scenario, all participants can speak in their native languages, without worrying about interruptions. In consecutive interpreting, on the other hand, the speaker and interpreter take turns, which leads to interruptions in the speech. Moreover, the same content is presented twice to the audience. As a result, the event is extended (approximately twice as long as an event using simultaneous interpreting) and may become boring for participants who understand both languages.

2. Does simultaneous interpreting require any equipment?

Generally, yes. In most events, it is best to use full equipment for interpretation, using soundproof booths, transmitters and receivers. Factory tours, field visits or small meetings can be carried out using portable equipment, consisting of transmitters and receivers without the booth. This allows interpreters to move around freely.

When there are only one or two listeners, whispering interpreting or chuchotage may be used – the interpreter stays next to the listeners and whispers the translation while the speaker is talking. This is the only type of simultaneous interpretation that does not require equipment.

3. Why should I hire 2 interpreters?

Interpretation is a complex task requiring a high degree of concentration, leading to a level of mental effort second only to that of flight controllers. To prevent excessive fatigue and any impacts on quality, as well as to preserve their concentration and voice, the interpreters take turns every 20 or 30 minutes. Even during their breaks, the interpreters continue to help their boothmates, researching terminology, managing glossaries, and writing down important names and figures.

Even for short events, it would be advisable to hire two professionals: if there are any unforeseen circumstances or the event is delayed, the client will be assured that the work will be provided at the same level of quality.

4. How do I calculate how many interpreters I need to cover all rooms and languages at the event?

For each language pair (for example, English-Portuguese or Portuguese-Spanish), you will need a booth with two professionals. Therefore, if we have two language pairs, we will need two booths and four interpreters, and so forth.

If the event has more than one room requiring interpretation, you will have to hire additional booths and interpreters to cover them.

Send us the agenda for your event and we will help you calculate how many booths and interpreters you need.

5. Spanish is quite similar to Portuguese. Do I really need interpretation for it?

Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries, with several accents and regional variations. Although many Brazilians can understand Spanish at a basic level and even manage to communicate in informal situations, a professional event demands a much higher level of comprehension. Additionally, international guests will also need the interpretation from Portuguese into Spanish to understand and respond to questions and comments.


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